Ramon Pena - Octopus in Olive Oil - 138g / 4.9 oz
  • Ramon Pena - Octopus in Olive Oil - 138g / 4.9 oz

Ramon Pena - Octopus in Olive Oil - 138g / 4.9 oz

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Technical Info

The octopus in oil is ideal as a pre-dinner appetizer. It also works very well as an addition to entrees; especially rice or fish dishes.

The best octopi are selected at the port (pieces ranging between 1.5-2 Kg).

The octopi are frozen at the factory for three days, in order to get the best texture possible once defrosted.

After cleaning and boiling them for 45 minutes, they are cut into bite-size slices.

The slices are canned with delicious Spanish olive oil.

No additives or preservatives. The ingredients are octopus, olive oil, onion, paprika, and salt.

About Ramon Pena

In 1920, Mr José Peña Oubiña establishes a small fish and shellfish canning factory in Cambados. In few years, he made it become one of the most important factories in Galicia.

Its philosophy of commitment with quality was the key for the success. And we continue being loyal to this philosophy after three generations. Loyalty in the choice and analysis of the best fish and shellfish, in the selection of the most skilled experts, loyalty in the choice of only the best of our raw materials and ingredients, in the greatest care of the traditional craft production, loyalty to our exclusive and original recipes.

More than 90 years being loyal to a style, a tradition and a commitment with quality.