Domaine du Plo de Maurou - e4P - 2014
  • Domaine du Plo de Maurou - e4P - 2014

Domaine du Plo de Maurou - e4P - 2014

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Technical Info

Region: Languedoc-Roussillon

Appellation: Corbières


Vintage: 2014



The Plo du Maurou vineyard is a high-elevation, windswept site composed of rough, rock strewn soils and old vines. Farming of the vineyard is based on the cycles of the moon and a spiritual connection to the land.

As is clear from the nearby wind farms, there are few days without wind. There is an alternance of a dominating dry north wind called Cers, sometimes quite violent, and an humid easterly wind called Marin, generally bringing with it rain.

It's worth noting that the scientific name of the soil and that of the Domaine are identical: Conglomérats de Maurou. This 50 metre thick layer is an alternation of conglomerates, sandstones, gray-ocher and reddish clays. The lowest level is marked by oyster fossils. The structure of the Maurou conglomerates show that the sedimentation was not very deep (deltaic zone which little by little was replaced by a an alluvial fan).

Grapes are picked by hand using small 15kg cases. After selection in the fields, the grapes are again selected by hand in the cellar after de-stemming. No sulfites or yeasts are added during the fermentation. The pigeage (punching down)is done by hand, and the wines are racked by gravity.

The wines are aged with stirring of the lees in wooden vats, barrels or cement vats. Bottled without filtration or fining after being left to precipitate for several months. Each plot and variety is vinified and aged separately. The wines are only blended after ageing. The wines are made by the Lignères family with Italian consultant Stefano Chioccioli. 

Tasting Notes:
Juice of raspberries and wild strawberries, the palate is fresh and tasty pulpy.