Domaine Olivier Pithon - Pilou - 2012
  • Domaine Olivier Pithon - Pilou - 2012

Domaine Olivier Pithon - Pilou - 2012

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Technical Info

Region: Languedoc-Roussillon

Appellation: Côtes Catalanes

Variety: 100% Carignan

Vintage: 2012



This exciting 9-hectare domaine is situated adjacent to the great Domaine Gauby in the village of Calce in the Roussillon region of the Languedoc. Olivier Pithon is orginally from a wine making family from Anjou in the Loire and after spending some time in Bordeaux decided to settle in Calce in 2000 after being introduced to Gerard Gauby by his brother, Jo, a wine maker from Layon. The vines are grown strictly according to biodynamic principles and they are superb – elegant, complex reds; delicate, floral whites.

Olivier has one main driving force for his work. “I’ve had only one desire: to give everything to my vines so that then they give it back in their grapes and in my wine. You must be proud and put your guts, your sweat, your love, your desires, your joy and your dreams into your wine.” This is the spirit along with the unique terroir of Domain Olivier Pithon that give his wines their quality and uniqueness

Tasting Notes:

A cuvée composed exclusively of our king vine… the Carignan. These 100 year old vines planted in calcium rich terroir and 60 year old vines on the shale, are tended with love to extract the very best grapes.

We wish by this selection to show the expression of a vine plant which, although noble, is in the process of coming out from the rights of appellation.

A fermentation of 18 months in “demi-muids” allows us to keep the velvety freshness and the finess of this wine’.