Domaine Marcel Deiss - Alsace Grand Cru - Mambourg - 2010 - Champagne Beverly Hills
  • Domaine Marcel Deiss - Alsace Grand Cru - Mambourg - 2010 - Champagne Beverly Hills

Domaine Marcel Deiss - Alsace Grand Cru - Mambourg - 2010

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Technical Info

Region: Alsace

Appellation: Alsace Grand Cru

Vintage: 2010

Varieties: Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier


Estate: Deiss is quite possibly at once both the "essential" Alsatian winemaker -- for his tireless advocacy of the region's potential and the incredible quality of his wines -- and yet also the black sheep of the region who never quite does things the way anyone else does or thinks they should be done. 

Alsace is one of the few regions of France where it is not only legal but also tradition that wines be produced primarily as single varietals and labeled as such (as opposed to being labeled by vineyard and appellation as elsewhere in the country). It is the only region in France where you will see a Grand Cru designation alongside the name of a grape variety.

Deiss, however, believes firmly in that vineyard expression trumps varietal expression, and has raised furors for years over his decision to label single varietal wines only with the names of his vineyards. Deiss also has a tendency to produce field blends of multiple varieties that are sold with only the name of the vineyard on the label. He often refers to Complantation, or the art of planting different grapes in a specific soil type.

He believes that using just one grape is like trying to write poetry with just one syllable, each grape in the field blend brings a different aspect of the terroir, different pieces to the puzzle. Each one a different color on the master’s canvas.

This explains why Jean-Michel Deiss has been called a lot of things: Maverick, renegade, terroirist, genius. But one thing that all of his title-throwing friends can agree on is that the wines that he produces at Domaine Marcel Deiss are special, unique and altogether delicious. 

Tasting Notes: The Mambourg is the most precocious hillside among the vineyards.

Known since the Middle Ages, many monasteries and lords had owned this land and gave it their credentials. Beneficing from a maximum duration of sunshine, its magnesium soil grows on the conglomerated limestone and marl hills of Tertiary Era.

This particular geology from Quaternary Oligocene limestone grants Mambourg a very rare characteristic: powerful tannins always presented and a round smooth in the palate.

Our low-trained vines, planted with all the Pinots in an intensity of 12 700 vine/hectare, produce between 15 and 20 hl / ha: wines are always perfectly dry with an exaggerated power and an extreme complexity : aromatic, with smoke, straw and toasted nut notes, this finely cut white offers layers of apple tarte Tatin, white peach, lemon curd and honey, underscored by zesty minerality and enlivened by racy acidity. Rich, yet very elegant overall.